Mitad del Mundo Tour

35 USD Tour from Quito to Mitad del Mundo all included!!

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35 USD Tour from Quito to Mitad del Mundo with Calimatours all included!!

Tour includes:

  • Private transportation from your hotel in Quito to Mitad del Mundo and return.
  • Hiking in Pululahua Inhabited Volcanic Crater, higher than ventanillas normal view point.
  • Visit to Rumicucho Pre-Inca Ruins (800 A.D.)
  • Visit to Ciudad Mitad del Mundo.
  • Visit to the Shaman for sharing experiences (wednesday to sunday)
  • English and/or Spanish speaking guide.
  • Full specialized information.
  • Entrance fees to Rumicucho & Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Full Pass)
  • Lunch in Calima first class restaurant (Soup, strong dish, coke or lemonade)
  • Equatorial diploma.


DURATION: 7 hours aprox.

PRICES:(2pax minimum)

35 USD per person.
2017 DECEMBER 31st


Rain coat and hiking shoes.







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Pululahua The only one active and inhabited volcanic crater in the world !!

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Pululahua inhabited volcanic crater with Calimatours from Ciudad Mitad del Mundo for only 8 and 4 USD.

(We recommend the tour in the morning because after 2pm. suddenly the fog covers the crater)

4 Km wide and 300 m. deep, it is considered one of the largest inhabited and active volcanic craters in the world. Only a hundred families are living inside working their fertile lands. In only few minutes from Mitad del Mundo we will reach to the official viewpoint of ventanillas at 2800m. From here  we will continue hiking up following a path amongst medicinal plants and lush vegetation to reach impressive viewpoints at 3000m. at the edge of a cliff 500m.

From this altitude you will enjoy amazing views of the huge crater, the central Andes and the valley of Mitad del Mundo.


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Millennium International Tourism Award 2007 !!

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Letter sent by TRADE LEADER'S CLUB announcing Calimatours as the winner of the 2007 Millennium Tourism Award.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 21:02

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