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Pululahua with its 4 km.wide and 300m. deep, it is considered as one of the largest, inhabited and still active volcanic craters in the world, located in the western range of the Andes just at 5 km. from Mitad del Mundo Monument. The amazing thing is that at the base long-lived families  live off agriculture. The best time to visit this magical place is in the morning because after midday the fog completely cover the crater. The tour reaches to Ventanillas view point at 2800m. and you can also take your time to visit the work shops.

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Calima Restaurant since 1992 is located inside Mitad del Mundo Complex next to Cocoa Museum. With it’s rustic atmosphere surrounded by antiques and 70’s music makes you feel in old times. Owned by the third generation, the restaurant maintains the traditional flavors.


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Rumicucho & Chiva “Maria Elisa”


Rumicucho is an ancient site 800 A.D, used as an astronomical and ceremonial temple by the Kitu people, during the Inca period was used as a military fortress.

On solstice, just once in the year, june 21st, at 5:30 p.m. sun sets between the natural pyramids La Marca and the last ray of the sun illuminates the cylinder located on one of the platforms of this enigmatic place.

Still having rituals with the presence of the chaman, fire, dances and music.

Chiva ” Maria Elisa

On weekends the tour is more interesting and traditional because you travel in a 1942 Classic Dodge ” Chiva “.

“Ranchera” is a typical form of transportation used in rural areas as the coast and the amazon but in tourism are well known as “Chivas”



Mitad del Mundo to Catequilla the Ancient Equator. USD 15

Wait no more !!!  and reserve our tour from Ciudad Mitad del Mundo to the Catequilla mountain, the ancient Equator (8OO A.D.)  for only USD15.

(No minimum of people required)


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Catequilla (Kati-Killa) is a sacred mountain located in the valley of Mitad del Mundo, just 3km. east in a straight line  from Monument, 20 minutes driving.  At the top at 2640 m. there are archeological evidences discovered in the 8Os, two circular platforms made out of stone 8OO A.D. , where is located the Equator, 00°00’00.0’’…! according to measurements taken with Garmin GPS. It is amazing to experience how you are able to cross from northern to southern hemisphere just in one step.  At the top of the mountain, you have an amazing 360° view of the Andes.
Traditional rituals having on march 20th and September 22 on equinoxes during the night.

It is a touristic complex where you can find the Monument to the Equator. The monument itself is a 9-story museum where you will appreciate the culture of the four ecuadorian regions in one place. Around this monument a small colonial-type town was built. Inside the complex you will be able to visit a sort of museums and other services such as restaurants and souvenir shops.

    • Private transportation 
    • Visit to Catequilla sacred mountain
    • Experienced guide
    • Specialized information
    • 10% discount in Calima Restaurant
  • Duration:2 hours approx.
  • What to bring:  
    • Hiking shoes
    • Sunblock
    • Hat / raincoat
    • Passport
  • Ask for Fernando Andrade senior, 30 years experience as touristic and spiritual guide in the area.

Make your reservation one day before at calimaecuador@gmail.com

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Kati Killa

CALIMATOURS is located inside Mitad del Mundo Complex, next to Cocoa Museum. Place Nº 92

Calimatours is the pioneer tour operator that offer the visit to Catequilla sacred mountain the Ancient Equator

Calimatours on the Mitad del Mundo since 1991