Rumicucho & Chiva “Maria Elisa”


Rumicucho is an ancient site 800 A.D, used as an astronomical and ceremonial temple by the Kitu people, during the Inca period was used as a military fortress.

On solstice, just once in the year, june 21st, at 5:30 p.m. sun sets between the natural pyramids La Marca and the last ray of the sun illuminates the cylinder located on one of the platforms of this enigmatic place.

Still having rituals with the presence of the chaman, fire, dances and music.

Chiva ” Maria Elisa

On weekends the tour is more interesting and traditional because you travel in a 1942 Classic Dodge ” Chiva “.

“Ranchera” is a typical form of transportation used in rural areas as the coast and the amazon but in tourism are well known as “Chivas”

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